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the inside better be good

Posted by duhface on 2005.12.16 at 00:16



Posted by duhface on 2005.12.10 at 17:31
read this

November 18, 2005
Behind The Scenes At 'The Tyra Banks Show'
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The following was sent in by a reader. Are they guests or a victims?

I and 2 other females were guest, or rather 'victims', on one of her recently filmed episodes:
1. One of us, Arrived at the airport, unknown to us, an additional fee was assessed by Delta airlines...The Tyra Banks Credit Card would not go thru, so the fee had to be paid by the guest, with the promise of reimbursement once the plane landed in LA, and before filming.

2. One of us was told at the last minute (prior to boarding) that we would have to go straight from a 6 hour flight and straight to the studio to film, at 1 a.m in the morning. The thought, 'Lack of planning on Tyra's part, does not necessitate an emergency on my part".

3. The hotel may have said 'Hyatt' on the outside, but definitely "Motel '4' " on the inside. Nor did it have a diner. If you wanted to eat at 2 am in the morning once you were dropped off at the dive, you had to walk several blocks to Mel's Diner. Only to be informed in the morning at 9 a.m, by the 'H' otel staff, that were were given a $40 stipen on the room.

4. We were not informed that the limo had arrived to take us to the studio at 9 a.m, but were later told that we were expected to waiting in the lobby, for whenever he arrived. What happened to a courtesy call or knock on the door when the driver arrives?

5. No breakfast provided for the guest/victims, unless you call a rock hard bagel and equally hard apple..breakfast.

6. The questions we were told Tyra would ask...didn't happen. As a matter of fact, she attacked 2 of the guest/victims, by describing one, on camera, as a 'Crackhead' (Which the guest never told her she was) and described another as the same as a 'Whore and prostitute', which,obviously, the guest/victim never described herself as.

7. Tyra places actors/models in the audience who 'hoot', clap, cry, grimace and cheer, on cue.
8. Tyra is blind as a bat, can barely read the cue cards..or maybe, she just can't read (those pesky 'dictionary' words...), but, she has to have EVERYTHING mapped out, and follow it precisely. Any new twist in the spiel, and she has to stop tape, and be given direction by 'real' professionals. She can never be an Oprah Winfrey type, who's skill is instinctive, but attending a University would help.

9. She has resorted to 'Jerry Springer' tactics, in that she is attempting to ambush her 'guest/victims, in an attempt at 'shock value', since the 'Video Vixen' episode was the highest rated show she ever had, the powers that be think they've found Tyra's nitch. Speaking of which, she introduced one of the guest/victims as a 'Self proclaimed video vixen'....you can't find a video this guest/victim was ever in!

10. Tyra has enlisted the help of PR firms in order to up her ratings. If you notice, her shows subject matters, although boring, are being mentioned in magazines and news programs, as if there news-worthy. If you chat with the average person, not only are they not aware she has a talk show, they definitely can't tell you the time slot it's in because HARDLY ANYONE HAS WATCHED IT!!!

11. One of us, did not sign a release, allowing the show to utilize her name and likeness. In the event the show is aired...litigation will follow. A Manhattan Attorney is at the ready. The show was contacted via phone on Nov. 16, 2005 and informed that the show did not have written permission to air the show, and if they did, they would be sued.

Stay Tuned!


nicole on facebook

Posted by duhface on 2005.12.10 at 14:17

Ty Ty's Vid

Posted by dumdumdiddle on 2005.12.09 at 11:51
Tyra Banks - Shake Ya Body

yousendit link.



Posted by duhface on 2005.12.08 at 14:08
As expected, ANTM's season finale offers up its standard fare, with a Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot, elimination from three to two, and a final runway challenge, all in a non-action-packed hour. Though Nicole totally blows the commercial part of her challenge, it is Bre who gets the size 11 stiletto in the ass first, much to the relief of everyone with eyes and a soul. As the final two, Nik and Nicole are pretty much as boring as ever. They practice their fierce stomps in a Gharani Strok fashion show as the judges look on. Nicole really is fabulous, and the judges criticize Nik for being too bouncy, i.e. having actual breasts. As we look through their final portfolios, it is clear that they're both deserving finalists. Then, for a change of pace, the judges pick a winner who actually makes sense. Yes, get out your bug spray, the locusts are coming. Nicole is tall, pretty, photogenic, relatively young, and the newest America's Next Top Model. The victory seems to ensure that she'll finally step out of the shadow of the sister who has always been better than Nicole by proving that it is looks, and not brains or personality (both of which we've been assured she has none), that make a person a success. Good on you, Nicole. And in breaking news, Nicole's sister has just won Nobel Prizes for both Peace and Literature, discovered a cure for cancer, and signed a contract with Revlon. Back to the drawing board, bitch.

wanna be on TOP?

Posted by dumdumdiddle on 2005.12.05 at 10:18
antm theme song, y'all.

and nick, i don't care what you say. they sing "model model model model model MOdel" not "na na na na na na na na na na na na."

yousendit link.



Posted by duhface on 2005.12.04 at 23:48
guess who's birthday it Is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY TY



Posted by duhface on 2005.12.01 at 20:44
Perennial favorite Simon Doonan shows up to teach the girls about the four current trends in London fashion and amuse the home audience with his clever bon mots. The girls must purchase outfits in each of the four styles, all of which they will wear (but not at the same time) for their hilarious go-sees. Bre forgets her book and Jayla sucks, so all is right with the world. Nik wins the challenge, and also my heart, when she proves herself to be fierce in the realm of "take that, you skeezer" mind games and chooses Nicole over Bre for the runner-up prize. Nik and Jayla, sick of all the drama, decide to pair up for a day exploring London, leaving Bre and Nicole to tear each other to bits. Sadly, they make amends instead. Bitches. Prior to their Bollywood-themed photo shoot, Bre feels ill, and so Jayla, being helpful as usual, gives her Benadryl. Yes, the "do not operate machinery because you will wreck it in your sleep" Benadryl. This adds one more layer of disadvantage to Bre who, because of her challenge performance and lack of friends, only gets fifty frames on the shoot and isn't allowed to look in the mirror. But it doesn't matter, because Jayla is finally given her walking papers. She displays her customary grace and good nature when she exits, saying that it's her goal to make the eventual winner look like nothing. See you at Hot Topic, you stupid, stupid bitch.



Posted by duhface on 2005.11.30 at 22:06


making tyra proud?

Posted by duhface on 2005.11.30 at 16:57

Their like the ugly girls in high school who thought they were funny but yet were just ugly Collapse )

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